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XR0ZR Juan Fernandez Island Press Release 1

xr0zr,juan fernandez island,press release 1

June 21, 2013


Update #1:

The XR0ZR team continues to work toward the activation of Juan Fernandez Island,  XR0ZR during the period of November 8-20, 2013.  The travel logestics for the team have been secured and to date we are on course to begin operations as scheduled on November 8, 2013.


There has been a change to the team.  Unfortunately, our friend and teamate Dino, CE3PG is unable to go.  In his place, Ron PA3EWP has been selected. Ron is a seasoned veteran of many dxpeditions throughout the world and is a terrific addition to our team.  The XR0ZR team would like to welcome Ron on board and extend our thanks to Dino for the valuable contribution he has made to the organization dxpedition


Fundraising has begun to pay for some of our expenses. For those Associations, Clubs, and individuals who have been so generous in donating funds for our DXpedition, we want to express our deepest gratitude.



To get on and off XR0ZR, it was necessary to secure a private aircraft which you can imagine is very costly.  This is one of many reasons we continue to ask you to consider donating to our dxpedition.  This can be done easily by using PayPal on our website.


We want to thank in advance those who will help us realize this adventure



XR0ZR Team

Juan Fernandez Island XR0ZR News

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xr0zr , juan fernandez island , press release 1

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