AT Communication
AT Communication
TK10B Lavezzi Island Sanguinaires Islands
2010-07-28 16:42:06
TK10B,Video,Lavezzi Island,Sanguinaires Islands

TK10B Lavezzi Island (IOTA EU-164) , Sanguinaires Islands (IOTA EU-104) IOTA Expedition Video

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2010-02-22 14:22:05
TK8B,Lavezzi Island,Sanguinaires Islands,Corsica,DX News

F8BBL will be active from Corsica till 15 august 2009 as TK8B on all bands mainly CW
He is planning to be active on 6 of august 2009 from Lavezzi Island (IOTA EU-164) and on 11 of august
2009 from Sanguinaires Islands (IOTA EU-104)

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