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Great picture
2013-12-03 20:41:47
Great Picture,Georgia,Armenia,Azerbaijan,Russia,Turkey,Tukrmenistan,Kazakhstan,Ukraine,Iran

Great picture Georgia , Armenia , Azerbaijan part of Russia , Turkey, Turkmenistan , Kazakhstan , Ukraine , Iran

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2011 Year of the outer space in Kazakhstan
2011-04-29 09:33:23
Yuri Gagarin,2011 Year Of The Outer Space In Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan UN – Special Event stations UN50, UO50, UP50, UQ50 will be active in Kazakhstan from April/2011 May 31/2011 - of 50th Anniversary of the first human flight to outer space.
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Asian Winter Games Kazakhstan
2010-12-27 19:28:20
Asian Winter Games Kazakhstan,UP2011

Members of the Almaty Amateur Radio League (ARL) is organizing the activation of special event stations that
include UN2011G and 8 stations with UP2011 prefix (see list below) during the 7th Asian Winter Games between January 30th and February 6th. The suffix of UP2011 stations will imply the abbreviation of the 8 winter types of sports to be featured during the Games in Almaty and Astana.

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Kazakhstan UP2L
2010-10-28 11:46:04
Kazakhstan,UP2L,UA9BA,CQ WW DX SSB Contest 2010

UA9BA will be active from Kazakhstan in CQ WW DX SSB Contest 30-31 October 2010 as UP2L

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