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ZF2KE Cayman Islands
zf2ke,cayman islands

N0KE will be active from Cayman Islands 22 January - 1 February 2014 as ZF2KE 

885 views total, 3 views today

ZF2MT Cayman Islands
zf2mt,cayman islands

W4VAB will be active from Cayman Islands 15-22 March 2014 as ZF2MT

484 views total, 0 views today

3V8/ON7HLU Tunisia

ON7HLU is currently active from Tunisia as 3V8/ON7HLU

476 views total, 1 views today
Rating: 5.0

ZS8M Marion Island January 2011
marion island,zs8m,january 2011

Marion Island was first discovered in 1663 by the Dutch ship Maerseveen. The discovery was accidental, and they made no landing on the island. After about five years Captain Cook also saw the islands, but he couldnt make a landing due to bad weather. The first recorded landing on the island was in 1803 by a group of sealers, but they found signs of earlier occupation.
133 views total, 1 views today
Rating: 5.0

VP8ORK Signy Island South Orkney Islands
vp8ork,signy island,south orkney islands

VP8ORK South Orkney Islands DX Pedition anchored Signy Island 25 January 2011

815 views total, 0 views today
Rating: 5.0

1A0KM Sovereign Military Order of Malta
1a0km,sovereign military order of malta

IK0FVC,G4IRN, I0JBL, I0ZY, I8NHJ, IK0DWN, IK0FTA, IK0IXI, IK0PRG, IW0BYL, IZ0NRG will be active from
Sovereign Military Order of Malta 27-30 January 2011 as 1A0KM

250 views total, 0 views today
Rating: 5.0

Tunisia 3V8SS WW 160M CW
tunisia,3v8ss,cq ww 160m cw contest 2011

Ashraf , KF5EYY  will be active from Tunisia in CQ WW 160m CW Contest 28-30 January 2011 as 3V8SS

213 views total, 1 views today

4L5O WW 160M 2011 CW
4l5o,georgia,cq ww 160m cw 2011

Omari , 4L5O will be active from Georgia  in CQ WW 160m CW Contest 28-30 January 2011

188 views total, 0 views today

FJ/W7TAE St.Barthelemy Island
st.barthelemy island

W7TAE will be active from St. Barthelemy Island (IOTA NA-146) 23-28 January 2011 as FJ/W7TAE 

155 views total, 1 views today

VE7/F5IDM Quadra Island
quadra island

F5IDM will be active from Quadra Island (IOTA NA-091) 29-31 January 2011 as VE7/F5IDM

153 views total, 3 views today

Indonesia YE1C 2011

YB1CCF, YB1NWP, YB1ALL , YC0LOW , YC1KAF , YD1GCL and YD1JZ will be active from Indonesia in CQ WW 160m CW Contest 28-30 January 2011 as YE1C

63 views total, 0 views today

XT2RJA Burkina Faso
xt2rja,burkina faso

K3QF is currently active from Burkina Faso as XT2RJA

249 views total, 0 views today
Rating: 5.0

FM/F5LGE Martinique Island
martinique island

F5LGE will be active from Martinique Island until 30 January 2011 as FM/F5LGE

127 views total, 0 views today

3D2AD Fiji Islands
fiji islands

YT1AD will be active from Fiji Islands 26-29 January 2011 as 3D2AD

2896 views total, 6 views today
Rating: 4.5

American Samoa KH8/N9YU
american samoa

YT1AD will be active from American Samoa 22-25 January 2011 as KH8/N9YU

168 views total, 0 views today

5W8A Samoa

YT1AD will be active from Samoa 18-22 January 2011 as 5W8A

207 views total, 0 views today

Iceland TF4X

K5NA will be active from Iceland in CQ WW 160m CW Contest 28-30 January 2011 as TF4X

64 views total, 0 views today

PR2R Comprida Island
comprida island,ilha comprida

PY2ZZ, PY2EV, PY3NZ, PY3UK, PY2RAR, PY2OX, PU2TEA, PU2RFS will be active from Comprida Island (Ilha Comprida) IOTA SA-024 28,29,30 January 2011 as PR2R

63 views total, 0 views today

SM/OH2FFP Swedish Antarctic Station WASA
swedish antarctic station wasa

OH2FFP (OJ1ABOA) will be active from Swedish Antarctic Station WASA 15-16 January 2011 as SM/OH2FFP

108 views total, 1 views today

HL0A Yeongjong Island
yengjong island

HL1BDH, HL2DYS, HL1LUA, HL2UVH, DS4EOI, DS1IYZ, DS1SJV will be active 15-16 January 2011 from Yeongjong Island (IOTA AS-105) as HL0A

95 views total, 1 views today
Rating: 1.0

ER4A Moldova

RA4LW will be active from Moldova in CQ WW 160m CW Contest 28-30 January 2011 as ER4A

127 views total, 0 views today

Gran Canaria Island Canary Islands EF8M
gran canaria,canary islands

RD3A will be active from Gran Canaria Island , Canary Islands in CQ WW 160m DX Contest 28-30 January 2011 as EF8M

123 views total, 1 views today
Rating: 5.0

Bermuda Islands OH1VR/VP9
bermuda islands

OH1VR will be active from Bermuda Islands 27 January - 1 February 2011 as OH1VR/VP9

81 views total, 1 views today
Rating: 5.0

Puerto Rico WP3C
puerto rico

WP3C will be active from Puerto Rico in CQ WW 160m CW Contest 28-30 January 2011

115 views total, 1 views today

semirara islands,philippines

EA3NT,SM0MDG and IZ7ATN will be active from Semirara Islands (IOTA OC-125) , Philippines 14-15 January 2011 as DU6/EA3NT , DU6/SM0MDG , DU6/IZ7ATN

210 views total, 1 views today
Rating: 5.0

HH2/PY1ZV Haiti

PY1ZV will be active from Haiti from end of January 2011 as HH2/PY1ZV

151 views total, 1 views today

San Marino T70A WW 160 2011
san marino

9A3A will be active from San Marino in CQ WW 160m CW Contest 28-30 January 2011 as T70A

54 views total, 0 views today

Georgia 4L8A WW 160M CW 2011
georgia,4l8a,cq ww 160m cw contest 2011

4L8A will be active from Georgia in CQ WW DX 160m CW Contest 28-30 January 2011

156 views total, 0 views today

5H1Z Zanzibar Island
zanzibar island,5h1z

F6AML will be active from Zanzibar Island (IOTA AF-032) 12-24 January 2011 as 5H1Z

203 views total, 1 views today

4V1 Haiti

Members of the Radio Club of Haiti will activate with special callsign 4V1  in  remembrance of those who lost their  lives  during  the  earthquake that stroke Haiti on 12 January  2010. 

76 views total, 1 views today

3B8/EA3BT 3B8/EA3WL Mauritius Island
mauritius island,3b8/ea3wl,3b8/ea3bt

EA3BT and EA3WL will be active from Mauritius Island 23-29 January 2011 as 3B8/EA3BT and 3B8/EA3WL

301 views total, 1 views today
Rating: 5.0

T88TF Palau Islands
palau islands

JA1VND will be active from Palau Islands 14-18 January 2011 as T88TF

187 views total, 2 views today
Rating: 5.0

Malta 9H3JS

G8HWI will be active from Malta 18-30 January 2011 as 9H3JS

39 views total, 0 views today

H44FT Solomon Islands
honiara,solomon islands

VK4FTDX will be active from Honiara, Solomon Islands 6-18 January 2011 as H44FT

228 views total, 1 views today

8Q7AK Hudhuranfushi Island
hudhuranfushi island

G7COD will be active from Hudhuranfushi Island , Maldive Islands 5-16 January 2011 as 8Q7AK

207 views total, 1 views today

FM/AI5P Martinique

AI5P will be active from Martinique 19-28 January 2011 as FM/AI5P

172 views total, 1 views today

VK5CP/VK9L Lord Howe Island
vk5cp/vk9l,lord howe island

VK5CP will be active from Lord Howe Island untill 7 January 2011 as VK5CP/VK9L

295 views total, 4 views today

8Q7AC Farukolhufushi Island
8q7ac,faurkolhufushi island,maldive islands

DH1IAC will be active from Farukolhufushi Island , Maldive Islands 4-18 January 2011 as 8Q7AC

87 views total, 0 views today

V31DI Belize

VA3EGG will be active from Belize in January 2011 as V31DI

109 views total, 0 views today

Georgia 4L0A UT5EO

UT5EO will be active from Georgia in CQ WW 160m CW Contest 28-30 January 2011 as 4L0A

128 views total, 0 views today

4S7LRG Sri Lanka
4s7lrg,sri lanka

SM6LRR will be active from Sri Lanka 22 January - 4 February 2011 as 4S7LRG

785 views total, 1 views today

CN2DJ Morocco

F8AEJ will be active from Morocco until 20 January 2011 as CN2DJ

131 views total, 2 views today

DU1/SM0MDG DU1/EA3NT Tablas Island
du1/sm0mdg,du1/ea3nt,tablas island,philippines

SM0MDG and EA3NT will be active from Tablas Island (IOTA OC-244), Philippines 17-21 January 2011 as DU1/SM0MDG and DU1/EA3NT

349 views total, 2 views today
Rating: 5.0

9Q0HQ/6 Democratic Republic of Congo
9q0hq/6,democratic republic of congo

ZS6TQ will be active from Democratic Republic of Congo until 11 January 2011 as 9Q0HQ/6 

743 views total, 7 views today

3D2RB Nadi Denarau Island
3d2rb,nadi island,denarau island

OH1LEG, OH3RB and OH8KXK will be active from Nadi Island , Fiji until 4 January 2011 as 3D2RB  

125 views total, 1 views today

KU2F/KH0 Mariana Islands
ku2f/kh0,mariana islands

JE1SCF will be active from Mariana Islands 29 December 2010 - 1 January 2011 as KU2F/KH0

135 views total, 2 views today

HI9/IK2NGW Cayo Levantado Island
hi9/ik2gnw,cayo levantado island,dominican republic

 IK2GNW will be active from Cayo Levantado Island (IOTA NA-122) , Dominican Republic for 2 month starting 27 January 2011 as HI9/IK2GNW

144 views total, 2 views today

6W7SK Senegal

F6BLP will be active from Senegal 8-21 January 2011 as 6W7SK

493 views total, 0 views today

Miyako Island JS6RRR JI3DST/JS6
miyako island

JI3DST will be active from Miyako Island (IOTA AS-079) 26 December 2010 - 4 January 2011 as JS6RRR and JI3DST/JS6

137 views total, 1 views today

5R8PR Nosy Be Island
5r8pr,nosy be island

IK2QPR will be active from Nosy Be Island (IOTA AF-057) 17-27 January 2011 as 5R8PR

73 views total, 0 views today
Rating: 5.0

VP9/WW3S Bermuda Islands 2011
bermuda islands

WW3S will be active from Bermuda Islands 6-10 January 2011 as VP9/WW3S

109 views total, 1 views today

XE1/DJ4EL Mexico

DJ4EL will be active from Mexico 25 December 2010 - 9 January 2011 as XE1/DJ4EL

256 views total, 0 views today

ZF2PG Cayman Islands
zf2pg,cayman islands

K8PGJ will be active from Cayman Islands 2-9 January 2011 as ZF2PG

754 views total, 1 views today
Rating: 5.0

VK9NA Norfolk Island
norfolk island

VK3XPD , VK4UH, VK1DA, VK3KH will be active from Norfolk Island 7 - 21 January 2011 as VK9NA

111 views total, 0 views today

V5/DJ2HD V5/DJ2BQ Namibia

DJ2HD and DJ2BQ will be active from Namibia 26 December 2010 - 16 January 2011 as V5/DJ2HD and V5/DJ2BQ 

445 views total, 0 views today
Rating: 5.0

FK/DL9GRE FK/DL2NUD New Caledonia
new caledonia

DL2NUD and DL9GRE will be active from New Caledonia 16-19 January 2011 as FK/DL2NUD and FK/DL9GRE

286 views total, 0 views today

8Q7FF Maldive Islands
8q7ff,maldive islands

JK1FNL will be active from Maldive Islands 4-9 January 2011 as 8Q7FF

187 views total, 1 views today

T88RX Palau Island
t88rx,palau island

JE1RXJ will be active from Palau Island (IOTA OC-009) 21-26 January 2011 as T88RX 

755 views total, 2 views today

3B9/F6HMJ Rodrigues Island
rodrigues island,3b9/f6hmj

F6HMJ will be active from Rodrigues Island 11-20 January 2011 as 3B9/F6HMJ

216 views total, 1 views today

Curacao PJ2T

K8ND and W8WTS will be active from Curacao Island in CQ WW 160m CW Contest 28-30 January 2011 as PJ2T

80 views total, 0 views today


PA3GFE will be active from Peru 28 December 2010 -28 January 2011 as OA4/PA3GFE

41 views total, 0 views today

9L1BXU Sierra Leone
9l1bxu,sierra leone

G7BXU will be active from Sierra Leone 19 December 2010 - 7 January 2011 as 9L1BXU

497 views total, 3 views today

T8CW Palau Island

JH0IXE will be active from Palau Island 22 December 2010 - 6 January 2011 as T8CW

304 views total, 1 views today

Wollaston Diego Ramirez Islands
ce9/pa3exx,ce9/ve3lyc,wollaston islands,diego ramirez islands

VE3LYC and PA3EXX will be active from Wollaston Islands (IOTA SA-031) and Diego Ramirez Islands (IOTA SA-097) 7-22 January 2011 CE9/VE3LYC and CE9/PA3EXX

432 views total, 2 views today
Rating: 5.0

V31ML V31ME Belize
v31ml,v31me,ambergris caye,caye caulker,long caye,tobacco caye,belize

DJ1JB and DJ4EL will be active from Belize Islands as V31ML and V31ME

302 views total, 1 views today
Rating: 5.0

YS1/HB9KNA El Salvador
ys1/hb9kna,el salvador

HB9KNA will be active from El Salvador until 12 January 2011 as YS1/HB9KNA

576 views total, 1 views today

H44DA Guadalcanal Island Honiara
h44da,guadalcanal island,honiara,solomon islands

VK4KHZ will be active from Guadalcanal Island , Solomon Islands 6-16 January 2011 as H44DA

639 views total, 1 views today
Rating: 5.0

T88KO Republic of Palau
t88ko,republic of palau

JS1OHI will be active from Republic of Palau 1-2 January 2011 as T88KO

278 views total, 0 views today

Chichijima Island JD1BMH
jd1bmh,chichijima island,father island,ogasawara islands

JG7PSJ will be active from Chichijima Island (Father Island) , IOTA AS-031 , Ogasawara Islands 30 December 2010 - 8 January 2011 as JD1BMH

91 views total, 0 views today

Chichi Jima Island JD1BLY
jd1bly,chichi jima island,ogasawara islands

JI5RPT will be active from Chichi Jima Island (IOTA AS-031) , Ogasawara Islands 24 December 2010- 3 January 2011  as JD1BLY 

154 views total, 0 views today

VP8ORK Press Release 3
vp8ork,south orkney

Many have been asking about our low-band plans for the upcoming VP8ORK South Orkney DXpedition in January 2011. With antennas to cover 75, 80 and 160m simultaneously from sunset to sunrise, dedicated receive systems and top-of-the-line radios, we will be active on all these bands, every night, for almost two solid weeks. Rest assured that we're giving the low-bands a top priority.

88 views total, 0 views today

H40FK H40FN Nendo Island Solomon Islands
h40fk,h40fn,nendo island,temotu province,solomon islands

DG1FK and DK9HN will be active from Nendo Island (IOTA OC-100) , Temotu Province , Solomon Islands 21 December 2010 - 3 January 2011 as H40FK and H40FN

130 views total, 1 views today
Rating: 5.0

Christmas Island
vk9xxy,vk9xjr,vk9xo,vk9xn,vk9xl,vk9xa,christmas island

JA3BZO, JH3PBL , JI3DNN , JA3AVO , JA3UJR and JA1CJA will be active from Christmas Island 14-20 January 2011 as VK9XA , VK9XL , VK9XN , VK9XO , VK9XJR , VK9XXY

548 views total, 2 views today

TG9/DL5RMH Guatemala

DL5RMH will be active from Guatemala 16 December 2010 - 13 January 2011 as TG9/DL5RMH

176 views total, 0 views today

P40CG Aruba

W2CG will be active from Aruba 10-24 January 2011 as P40CG

75 views total, 0 views today

HH2/PY3SB Haiti

PY3SB will be active from Haiti August 2010 - January 2011 as HH2/PY3SB

105 views total, 1 views today
Rating: 5.0

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