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AT Communication
FO8RZ Article Nuku Hiva Island Marquesas Islands
2011-03-20 20:37:46
FO8RZ Article,Nuku Hiva Island,Marquesas Islands,French Polynesia,FO8RZ/P

F6BEE Jacques told me before leaving Tahiti (TX4T) : "If you can, try to go to Marquesas".
I have made a lot of professional trips to Nuku Hiva but only during 1 day. 1 month ago, I found a good place for ham radio in the north of the island. A good place to work JA EU and USA.

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Romeo Stepanenko 3W3RR
2010-02-22 14:22:05
KE6RAD Article About Romeo Stepanenko 3W3RR

 Back in 2005, someone here posted the story of Roman Vega, aka Romeo
Stephanenko, going to trial in the US for credit card fraud.

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E44M IZ4AKS Article
2010-02-22 14:22:05
E44M DX Pedition,DX News,IZ4AKS,Article

One who devotes his spare time to the realization of a dxpedition hardly never reveals all the endeavours made from the moment the idea is bounced around till the radio is switched on and transmit.
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