AT Communication
AT Communication


ZS8KX Marion Island
zs8kx,marion island

ZS1KX will be active from Marion Island starting May 2014 as ZS8KX

611 views total, 2 views today

RI59ANT South Shetland Islands
ri59ant,bellingshausen station,king george island,south shetland islands

RX0QM will be active from Bellingshausen station , King George Island , South Shetland Islands 10 March - 26 November 2014 as RI59ANT

526 views total, 0 views today

VP8ROT Rothera Base Antarctica
vp8rot,rothera base,adelaide island,antarctica

GM0HCQ is currently active from Rothera Base ,  Adelaide Island (IOTA AN-001) , Antarctica as VP8ROT

454 views total, 0 views today

D8A Jang Bogo station
d8a,jang bogo station,antarctica

DS4NMJ will be active from research station Jang Bogo, Antarctica 1 February 2014 - 31 January 2015 as D8A

975 views total, 1 views today

XR9H2O King George Island
xr9h2o,king george island,waterloo island,south shetland islands

XR9H2O : UA4WHX together radioamateurs from Chile is currently active from King George Island (Waterloo Island) , South Shetland Islands as XR9H2O

520 views total, 1 views today

RI44ANT South Shetland Islands
ri44ant,bellinghausen station,king george island,south shetland islands

UA4WHX is currently active from Bellinghausen station , King George Island , South Shetland Islands as RI44ANT

1199 views total, 1 views today
Rating: 5.0

RI1ANR Novo Runway Novolazarevskaya Base
ri1anr,novo runway,novolazarevskaya base,antarctica

RI1ANR : UA1PBA (ZS1ANF) , UA1PAW , RD3MX will be active from Novo Runway , Novolazarevskaya base , Antarctica until 6 April 2014 as RI1ANR

1037 views total, 1 views today
Rating: 5.0

CE8/UA4WHX Navarino Island
ce8/ua4whx,navarino island

UA4WHX is currently active from Navarino Island (IOTA SA-050) as CE8/UA4WHX

691 views total, 2 views today

JW/PY2SEX Svalbard Island QSL
jw/py2sex,svalbard island,qsl

QSL JW/PY2SEX Svalbard Island (IOTA EU-020) 24-25 December 2013

592 views total, 0 views today

DP0GVN Antarctica
dp0gvn,neumayer iii station,antarctica

DH1HB will be active from Neumayer III Station , Antarctica until February 2015 as DP0GVN

786 views total, 1 views today

RI20ANT South Shetland Islands
ri20ant,south shetland islands

RW3RN and UA3HK/ZS1OIN will be active from South Shetland Islands  17-31 December 2013 as RI20ANT

898 views total, 1 views today

VK0GB Casey Station
vk0gb,casey station,antarctica

G3WIP will be active from Casey Station , Antarctica until February 2014 as VK0GB

882 views total, 0 views today

LU2ZD Primavera Base
lu2zd,primavera base,antarctica

LU2ZD is currently active from Primavera base , Antarctica

775 views total, 0 views today
Rating: 5.0

RI1ANP Progress station
ri1anp,progress station,antarctica

RW6ACM is currently active from Progress station , Antarctica as RI1ANP

1207 views total, 2 views today

KC4USV McMurdo station
kc4usv,mcmurdo station,antarctica

W2EMT, AF7DJ and WY7AA are currently active from McMurdo station , (IOTA AN-011) , Antarctica as KC4USV

946 views total, 1 views today
Rating: 5.0

RI1ANT Antarctica
ri1ant,antarctica,progress base

RW1AI will be active from Progress Base , Antarctica 15 December 2013 - 15 March 2015 as RI1ANT

2153 views total, 7 views today

ZS7V ZS7HPM Sanae Base Antarctica
zs7v,zs7hpm,sanae base,antarctica

ZS7V and ZS7PHM will be active from Sanae Base , Antarctica until March 2014 

403 views total, 0 views today
Rating: 5.0

IA0MZ Antarctica
ia0mz,mario zuccheli station,antarctica

IW0HEU will be active from Mario Zuccheli Station , Antarctica from about middle October to end of November 2013 as IA0MZ

1561 views total, 1 views today

RI1ANC Vostok station
ri1anc,vostok station,antarctica

RD1AV will be active from Vostok Station , Antarctica 1 December 2013 - 1 February 2015 as RI1ANC

1424 views total, 0 views today
Rating: 5.0

ZS7V Antarctica
zs7v,antarctica,south african national antarctic exploration,sanae base

Adam, ZS7V will be active from South African National Antarctic Exploration ( SANAE) base Antarctica starting February 2013 until February 2014
191 views total, 0 views today

ZS7/DL1LLL Antarctica

DL1LLL is currently active from Antarctica as ZS7/DL1LLL
92 views total, 0 views today

VK0JJJ Mawson Station Antarctica
vk0jjj,mawson station,mac robertson land,antarctica

VK6JJJ will be active from Mawson station , Mac Robertson Land , Antarctica January 2013 - January 2014 as VK0JJJ

724 views total, 0 views today

LU4ZS Marambio Station
lu4zs,marambio station,seymour island,antarctica

LU4ZS is active from Marambio station Seymour Island (IOTA AN-013) , Antartica
341 views total, 0 views today

RI1ANA Antarctica
ri1ana,antarctica,molodezhnaya base

UA1PAI will be active from Molodezhnaya Base , Antarctica until mid March 2012 as RI1ANA
127 views total, 0 views today

CTY Files 12 September 2011
cty file,12 september 2011,ad1c

The Country (CTY) Files were updated on 12 September 2011.

91 views total, 1 views today

CE9VPM King George Island
ce9vpm,king george island,south shetland islands,antarctica

CE9VPM will be active from King George Island , South Shetland IslandsAntarctica November 2011- March 2012

234 views total, 1 views today

RI1ANR Novo Airbase Antarctica
novo airbase,blue ice runway,antarctica

UA1PAW ex R1ANF will be active from Novo Airbase ( Blue Ice Runway ) , Antarctica until 23 February 2011 as RI1ANR

770 views total, 1 views today
Rating: 5.0

LU1ZS Half Moon Island
lu1zs,half moon island,south shetland islands

LU8DIP will be active from Half Moon Island (IOTA AN-010) , South Shetland Islands until middle March 2011 from LU1ZS Club Station

229 views total, 0 views today

KC4AAA Amundsen Scott South Pole Station
kc4aaa,amundsen -scott south pole station,antarctica

KC4AAA is currently active from Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station , Antarctica 

781 views total, 3 views today
Rating: 5.0

VP8DMH/P Alexander Island
vp8dmh/p,alexander island,antarctica

VP8DMH is currently active from Alexander Island (IOTA AN-018) , Antarctica as VP8DMH/P

2323 views total, 4 views today

RI1ANC Vostok Base Antarctica
ri1anc,vostok base,antarctica

RD1AV will be active from Vostok Base , Antarctica till end of 2011 as RI1ANC

1233 views total, 5 views today
Rating: 5.0

3Y8XSA Antarctica
3y8xsa,antarctica,station troll,dronning maud land

Lars, SM4TUV will be active from Norwegian Antarctic Station Troll , Dronning Maud Land November 2010 - December 2011 as 3Y8XSA

109 views total, 1 views today

Greenwich Island XR9JA
greenwich island,south shetland islands,antarctica,xr9ja

58 views total, 0 views today

R1ANP Antarctica
r1anp,progress base,antarctica

Mikhail,RW1AI will be active from Progress Base,Antarctica (ITU Zone 69) in IARU HF Championship 10-11 July 2010 as R1ANP

81 views total, 0 views today

ZS8M Marion Island
zs8m,marion island

The 67 th Relief Expedition to Marion Island arrived on the island on the 15 April 2010 aboard the SA Agulhas. Amongst the relief group is Pierre Tromp ZS1HF a adventurist, radio amateur and SAWDIS weather observer. (I can add many more interests but the article will then be to long) Pierre will be responsible for all radio communications on and from the island alias his occupation for the next year will be know as radio technician.

142 views total, 0 views today

R1ANL Antarctica
r1anl,antarctica,dx news

RV1ZC is planning to be active from ex Leningradskaya base,Antarctica from 10-15 January 2010 and will be active as R1ANL 10 hours only

61 views total, 1 views today

OR4TN Antarctica
or4tn,belgian,princess elisabeth station,antarctica,dx news


ON5TN will be active Belgian Princess Elisabeth Station,Antarctica until January 2010 as OR4TN


83 views total, 0 views today

KC4USV McMurdo Station Antarctica

K7MT will be active from McMurdo Station,Antarctica 15 november 2009-20 february 2010 as KC4USV

99 views total, 0 views today


Nick, RW6ACM is  active  as  R1ANB  from  the  Russian Antarctic station Mirny.

41 views total, 0 views today


KC4USV from McMurdo Station on  Ross  Island  (IOTA AN-011),  Antarctica
52 views total, 0 views today

hf0apas,south shetland,king george island,antarctica,henryk arctowski,base,dxnews,iota

Janusz,SP9YI will be active from South Shetland Islands (IOTA AN-010) Antarctica
till november 2009 using call sign HF0APAS

56 views total, 0 views today

Radioamateurs in Antarctica
radioamateurs,antarctica,bouvet,south orkney,south shetland,macquarie,islands

Great video describing radioamateur activity from Antarctica
48 views total, 0 views today

r1anc,antarctica,vostok base

Aleksey Turkeev will be active from Russian Antarctic base Vostok with call sign
 R1ANC during 2009

57 views total, 0 views today

VK0BP Antarctica
vk0bp,antarctica,david base

I have noticed quite a few different postings about me and quite a few of them have been wrong...

128 views total, 0 views today

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