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T33A Banaba Island

2014-07-06 23:41:03
T33A,Banaba Island,News,Information

W2IJ , N1EMC , N6HC , N7CQQ , W6KK , N9NS , W8AEF , KD6XH , AA4FL , DK1II , EA1IR will be ative from Banaba Island in March/April 2013 as T33A
They will be active on 160-10 m CW , SSB , RTTY
More details later
If you like to join group email
Banaba Island Kiribati T33A

Banaba Island T33A DX News
Banaba Island T33A Video

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T33A, Banaba Island, News, Information


Name: Milt Jensen    01.04.13
Callsign: N5IA   
Sirs: The photos posted at appears to not be the same island or location that is shown in photos posted at by the 2004 T33C expedition. Your two photos also do not seem to be the same place as viewed in the T33R / T33T 1990 expedition video at . Could you briefly explain the difference? Thanks. I am also interested in what appears to be a solicitation for operators. I am interested if the particulars fit my capabilities. I am a veteran of the XZ1N, XZ0A and VP6DX expeditions and am primarily interested in 160 Meter operation. Thanks, and have a great week. 73 de Milt, N5IA
Name: Jay    01.04.13
Callsign: W2IJ   
This is a very old posting. The email address is April 2013

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