AT Communication
AT Communication

RI1ANC Vostok Base Antarctica

2010-11-10 14:06:59
RI1ANC,Vostok Base,Antarctica

RD1AV will be active from Vostok Base , Antarctica till end of 2011 as RI1ANC
He will be active on HF bands and will focus on Low Bands CW ,SSB , Digiatal modes
Middle of December 2010 he will be active as RI1ANC/A from Molodezhnaya Base 
In January 2012 he will be active from Leningradskaya and Russkaya Base as RI1ANC/A
QSL via RN1ON 
Antarctica Vostok Base DX News 

Vostok Base Antarctica RI1ANC

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RI1ANC ,Vostok Base ,Antarctica