AT Communication
AT Communication

FJ/W2VQ FJ/WQ2N St.Barthelemy Island

2010-02-22 14:22:05
FJ/W2VQ,FJ/WQ2N,St.Barthelemy Island,DX News

W2VQ and WQ2N will be active from St.Barthelemy Island (IOTA NA-146) 18-25 august 2009 as FJ/W2VQ and FJ/WQ2N
They are will be active on 80-6m CW,SSB,RTTY
QSL via WQ2N
St.Berthelemy Island FJ/W2VQ FJ/WQ2N

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FJ/W2VQ|FJ/WQ2N|St.Barthelemy Island|DX News