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Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas

atlantis hotel,paradise island,bahamas,maria teimurazova

This year I decided to encourage my daughter for her excellent learning performance, and arranged her holidays at Paradise Island, Bahamas.
In my opinion, Atlantis Hotel itself is kids paradise.
My daughter came back full of impressions and photos.
Her photos were so beautiful that I decided to upload them here, and I think everybody will be interested to see such paradise corner.
Hotel Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas
Atlantis Hotel towers are impressive

Hotel Atlantis Bahamas Dolphin Cay
Dolphin Cay in the premises of Atlantis Hotel

Hotel Atlantis Paradise Island Maria Sea Lion
Nourish the sea lion, and he’ll be thankful

Sea Lion Kiss Hotel Atlantis Bahamas Paradise Island Maria Teimurazova
Gratitudes onto face

Hotel Atlantis Sea Lion Smile Maria Teimurazova
That's quite a SMILE!!!

Hotel Atlantis Maria Teimurazova Paradise Island Bahamas
They know, we are friendly envious, and they make fun of us

Dolphin Hotel Atlantis Bahamas
Swimming with a dolphin is real pleasure

Maria Teimurazova Kiss Dolphin Bahamas Atlantis Hotel
Dolphin kiss

Throne Hotel Atlantis Paradise Island Bahamas
Judging by the throne, Bahamas are inhabited by giants.
In general there are a lot of entertainment places in Atlantis Hotel complex, such as Mayan Temple, Lazy River and many others. There are so many of them that Maria managed to visit some of them only twice during her 1.5 months stay there.

I did not put all amusement photos here, most of them may be easily found in the Internet, without my daughter assistance.

73 Al 4L5A 


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atlantis hotel, paradise island , bahamas , maria teimurazova

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